Lotus exige S is Out

Publié le 12 Novembre 2016


V1 of the Lotus Exige S is out. I made 2 versions

- The original > 218 hp 935 Kgs

V1.01 update of Tune version (more power, more grip)

- The Tune version V1.01 > 270hp 913 kgs

I do my best to make a good mod, but the wiper is not my best, it's very hard to make a good animated wiper, sorry for this !



Lotus exige S is OutLotus exige S is Out

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SaucePanWilly 11/02/2017 15:52

Not working for me. Car shows in Quick Race, but game freezes in load screen. Need task manager to exist and I get an error message.

gohan2091 15/01/2017 23:48

It's working fine for my game... really good!

Bukics Albert 20/11/2016 09:30

The game frozen or exit with this mod.

DrHouze46 19/11/2016 10:13

Not Working