Porsche 997 GT3-R (2010) update 1.05

Publié le 7 Septembre 2016

Hello, The mod is now in version 1.05.

Ver 1.05 update

- Add good texture to rear windows
- Add 6 skins
- Add new engine (respect Engine type M97/79 power curve)

You can download it here >> Porsche 997 GT3R

Please don't share the mediafire link, only blog url. The mod has no password.


Disclaimer : this mod is a conversion of game shift 2 unleashed, you need to have the game to use this mod

Porsche 997 GT3-R (2010) update 1.05
Porsche 997 GT3-R (2010) update 1.05
Porsche 997 GT3-R (2010) update 1.05

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Jorrit 19/09/2016 19:59

Sorry, but who gave you permission to use my skin? #46 Discovery Porsche.

Fredo 19/09/2016 21:40

Hello, no permission was asked, i can add credit in the readme, if you want. i take skin from rfactor gt3_2010 mod !

Lordw007 08/09/2016 15:59

bug report! http://picsee.net/upload/2016-09-08/14ce9071a2a7.png

Fred 08/09/2016 17:10

Hello, i think that you don't have files common_glass_windows.dds and common_glass_spec.dds in texture folder, i include this files in next update